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CargoTrike Classic Narrow

The Cargotrike Classic Narrow is very robust and strong design
that offers great stability when parked and loading , the big
capacity box is standard equipped with 2 benches and seatbelts
for 4 children but will also take babies/toddlers in a Maxi Cosy or
baby/toddler seat(s).
To keep them dry there is the option of a fixed tent in colours
red, black or créme.

Length 210cm x width 85cm
bottom surface: 86 x 54 cm

Cargo Short Colors
gloss black/bright red/turquoise/matt granite

Gear options available

NN3d: Nexus 3 speed hub gears, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo
NN7d: Nexus 7 speed hub gears, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo
NN8d: Nexus 8 speed hub gears, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo
NR8d: Nexus 8 speed, rear coaster brake, front rollerbrake and hub dynamo
NNid: NuVinci continuously variable hub gear, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo

Also available with Shimano Steps electric assist.

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Cargo Trike Classic Narrow



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General accessories

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Final adjustment options

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