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CargoBike XL Business

A CargoBike can be of great value for companies. Whether you
work in parcel delivery, cleaning or maintenance you’ll always have
your bike and tools close by as there’s no hassle with parking. The
CargoBike can be used as a marketing tool as well: it shows your
company is green and flexible. On this page you’ll find CargoBikes
specially designed to carry whatever loads you need to transport.
The CargoBike XL is equipped with an extra long frame, so there
is even more space for your goods. The XL can also be delivered
with just a baseplate so you can mount your own construction to it
to suit your needs.
We also provide the XL with a simple rack, or a complete flightcase
so you can start delivering your parcels immediately

Sizes CargoBike XL:   length 290cm x width 65cm.
Sizes wooden plateaux: length 102cm x width 56cm.

Kleuren XLgloss black

Gear options available

NN7d: Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub gears, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo
NN8d: Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub gears, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo
NN8d: NuVinci continuously variable hub gear, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo
Also Available without flatbed or with an flightcase box

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Cargo XL


General accessories

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Final adjustment options

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