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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together the most frequently asked questions for you and the corresponding answers. If you have a general question about, for example, the maintenance of your bicycle, warranty or certain parts, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. Do you still have a question after viewing this section?
Then you can always contact your - dealer. If the dealer still has uncertainties, the dealer may always contact us.

I am considering buying a cargo bike but can I try it first?

Of course that is even very important. Call a dealer in the area and arrange a test drive. There are also dealers where you can try out the cargo bike for a longer period at no cost if you purchase it. You can also rent a cargo bike at one of the rental locations.

What is the delivery time of a cargo bike?

Normally, cargo bikes are made on order. always has many parts in stock at the factory. This makes it possible to deliver cargo bikes quickly. There are also many dealers who have different delivery bikes in stock and where you can pick up the cargo bike the next or even the same day. If a special color or an adapted model is ordered, the delivery time will obviously be longer.

How many children can I take with me in a cargo bike?

There are various cargo bike models. The CargoBike short is for 2 children or 1 maxicosi. The CargoBike Long is for 2 children, with an extra bench there is room for an extra child , instead of that extra bench, a maxicosi can be placed in the box. In the CargoTrike there is room for 4 or even 6 children.

Is the cargo bike a safe means of transport?

Yes, because the children are fixated with a three-point belts in a sturdy wooden box. The children sit in front of the driver. So you can keep an eye on them. The box is low near the ground, so the center of gravity is also very low. This makes the bike very stable. Compared with a normal bicycle, it makes it possible to transport much more weight than with a normal bicycle. For many people it is still possible to cycle with small children at the front and back, but as soon as they are slightly larger, this will be a lot heavier. Many people drop out because they no longer dare or because they have fallen with their bicycle.

Up to what age can children in the CargoBike?

That depends on several factors. For example, the weight of the child. It turns out that if you can no longer transport children on a regular bike because it gets too heavy, it is still easy on a Cargobike. Children of 6 years old are still transported in the CargoBike.

I want to buy a cargo bike but can not store it inside. What should I do?

The bakfiets bikes from are designed to withstand wind and weather. During the development of the bike is taken into account the fact that many people can not put in the bike. We use materials of very high quality that last for years.

Why does the CargoBike cycle so lightly?

Because of the sophisticated geometry of the Cargobike and the low center of gravity, you do not notice anything of that extra weight. Both loaded and empty, the Cargobike sends very light and so you can take a lot with you.

My child is too big for a Maxi-Cosi and too small to sit loose, what can I do best?

To bridge the intervening period, you can mount a bicycle seat on the bench in the box. That gives a lot of support and is easy to remove later..

My cargo bike has a defect and there is no dealer in the neighborhood, what should I do?

Go to the nearest bicycle repair shop, ask for advice and see if he can repair the bike. If a specific part is required, your bicycle mechanic can contact the factory in Hoogeveen.

I need a part for my cargo bike, from whom can I go for this?

At your dealer you can order your part, if there is no dealer in the area then your nearest bike repairer can contact the factory in Hoogeveen.