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You can obtain the new Shepherd model from us in 2 versions, namely equipped with a Shimano Stepsor the Bafang M400 mid-motor system. The Shimano Steps version comes with a strong and very stiff aluminum frame. The Bafang version comes with a strong steel frame, whereby the Bafang version comes standard with a large 750Wh battery (Shimano 402Wh) and a strong mid-engine with a high torque of 80Nm (Shimano 60Nm). E-bikes and Nm Newton meter indicates how big the torque is. Torque is the turning force that the motor can deliver. The more torque, the more powerful the motor.

How powerful should the engine be?

If you cycle a lot on flat terrain, with the occasional small hill, then 50 to 60 Nm meters should be sufficient, if you live / cycle a lot in hilly areas, then a stronger engine with 80 Nm is absolutely recommended, we recommend also the bafang motor for these areas.


Shepherd Shimano Steps

Shepherd Bafang M400