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The Shadow is one of our top models here at With an aluminum
frame, Shimano Steps mid-engine and aluminum profile box with
trampoline fabric, this model is the lightest and most firm cargobike in
our product range. This makes riding it a real experience. The frame is made
with precisely engineered, double walled, aluminium tubing. The hydraulic
brakes and strong rims make the Shadow very stable and safe.
The dimensions of the box are equal to the CargoBike Long, so most
accessories will fit without any special adjustments.

Sizes Shadow Steps: length 253cm x width 63cm.


Gear options

Rollerbrakes Steps  
Shimano 5v mechanisch NN5 V  
Shimano 5v Di2 NN5 Di2 V  
Shimano 7v NN7 V  
Shimano 5v mechanisch SS5 V  
Shimano 5v Di2 SS5 Di2 V  
Shimano 7v SS7 V  
Enviolo SSi V  
Magura HS11 velgremmen    
Shimano 5v mechanisch MM5 V  
Shimano 5v Di2 MM5 Di2 V  
Shimano 7v MM7 V  
Enviolo MMi V  













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