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E-Shepherd Steps

The Shepherd is the top model of With its aluminum frame,
Shimano Steps mid-engine and EPP box, this model is light and super stiff.
This makes cycling on this cargo bike a real experience. The aluminum
frame is made of engineered double-walled aluminum tubes. The hydraulic
brakes and the strong rims make the Shepherd very solid and safe.
Please note, not all accessories are applicable.
Sizes Shepherd: length 265cm x width 71cm.


Gear options

Rollerbrakes Steps  
Shimano 5v mechanisch NN5 V  
Shimano 5v Di2 NN5 Di2 V  
Shimano 5v mechanisch SS5 V  
Shimano 5v Di2 SS5 Di2 V  
Enviolo SSi V  
Magura HS11 velgremmen    
Shimano 5v mechanisch MM5 V  
Shimano 5v Di2 MM5 Di2 V  
Enviolo MMi V  













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