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A CargoTrike is a cargo bike with three wheels. This is usually preferred by people who frequently ride with more than three children. The Trike is normally equipped with four seatbelts. With the Daycare model up to six children can be transported, as it comes with benches in the longitudinal direction and extra seatbelts. Another advantage of a Trike is that it always stays upright and stable, even when standing still or cycling slowly. The disadvantage, however, is that it requires some practice getting used to steering two front wheels. All Trikes are equipped with a steering stabilizer, in order to prevent the wheels from pulling sideways if there's pits in the road or missing bricks.
The maximum speed with a tricycle is usually a bit lower than with a bicycle.
The models with electric assist are equipped with a Shimano STEPS or Bafang M400 motor. For more information, refer to the category page.

CargoTrike Classic Narrow

CargoTrike Classic Narrow

CargoTrike Classic Wide

CargoTrike Cruiser Wide