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With the Shimano Steps electric assistance carrying a heavy load
becomes easy. The walk function is often very handy in pedestrian
areas. broad mudguards in matching frame
colour, Brooks Aged leather saddle and handlebar grips. A retro style
35 lux headlight and Plateo rear light both. 

Length 210cm x width 85cm
Bottom surface: 86 x 54 cm


bright red/matt black/matt granite/petrol blue

Gear options available

      NN2: Sram Duomatic 2 speeds auto change hub with Shimano rollerbrakes
      NN7: Shimano 7 speed hub with Shimano rollerbrakes
      NN8: Shimano Di2 8 speed hub with Di2 and Shimano rollerbrakes
      SS7: Shimano 7 speed hub 
      SS8: Shimano Di2 8 speed hub with Di2
      SSI: enviolo continuously variable hub gear 

Also available without electric assist.

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