nederlands deutch again tested as best in the cargo bike test by fietsersbond.


Cargo Bike Short

The CargoBike Classic Short is most similar to the original model. Easy to steer, has a low centre of gravity and wooden box that allows for children to easily get in.

Cargo Bike Long

Cargo Bike Long

The CargoBike Long is a longer version of the CargoBike. Among the extra options is added seating to make space for 3 children.



The Shepherd is the top model of With its aluminum or steel frame, Shimano Steps or Bafang M400 mid-engine, with this EPP box, this model is light and super stiff.


Cargo Trike Wide

Stability when standing still or moving slowly is the angle we approaced our Trike models with. The Wide models come with an extra large bin.


Cargo Trike Narrow

The trike has more space than a Cargobike. It is also more stable at lower speeds. As standard, there is room for four children due to the two...

Cargo Bike XL

Cargo Bike Business

Especially for the CargoBike Long, has a flight case available, deal to deliver packages through the city or a solution for, for example, a handyman who can transport his tools.

Welcome has changed the look of cycling in the Netherlands,
United Kingdom and many other countries. Their concept of carrying children in a
cargo bike was innovative and is now accepted world-wide as an alternative and green
form of transport. For many parents using a Cargobike or Cargotrike is a
liberating and life changing experience especially on the school run in busy towns and
cities where the volume of traffic has become a big problem. Since the first model,
there has been continuing development to enable you to carry babies, children, dogs,
shopping and cargo with ease and safety.

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